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Bail Bonds Las Vegas

Bail Bonds Las Vegas – eBAIL

Bail Bonds Las Vegas - Marc Gabriel

Bail Bonds Las Vegas – Marc Gabriel

Call 702-462-9200 right NOW and we will immediately help you.  eBAIL offers ONLINE BAIL in 3 minutes or less and also Bail by phone by calling 702-462-9200.

Unfortunate things do happen to good people and therefore eBAIL is here to help.  We understand that this is a very stressful time for you and we will make you feel comfortable by explaining the bail bonds Las Vegas process and answering all your questions.  Bail is a very specialized profession and you do not want to gamble your bail bonds needs on just any run-down looking company in a scary part of downtown Las Vegas.  eBAIL has a beautiful office in the Spectrum business plaza right on the corner of Charleston and Mojave, and our staff not only looks top notch but also acts accordingly.  We are fully licensed by the NV Department of Insurance, accredited by the Better Business Bureau and authorized to conduct bail bonds services at any greater Las Vegas area court and jail.  If your friend or loved one just got arrested you need to immediately contact us at 702-462-9200.  You have the following options to get bail bonds with eBAIL:

North Las Vegas Bail Bonds - eBAIL 702-462-9200

eBAIL is the Premier and most professional Bail Bonds Office in Las Vegas – 702-462-9200

Bail Online in 3 minutes or less

eBAIL is the only company that offers online bail bonds in Las Vegas.  All you have to do is to click here for the online access, fill out the information, use your credit/debit card and “presto” you will be done in a few minutes.  A friendly agent will contact you a few minutes after and explain the process to you and also answer any question you have regarding Las Vegas bail bonds.

Bail by phone

eBAIL also offers the bail-by-phone option by calling 702-462-9200.  A friendly member of our staff will answer all your questions and also explain the bail bonds process in Las Vegas to you.  We will also be able to provide you with the next court date, case number as well as the charges.

Bail in office

Our office is located at 3100 E. Charleston Suite 108, right on the corner of Charleston and Mojave and just minutes from the 95 Freeway and I-15.  This office has been serving good people with their bail bonds needs since 2010 and its central location makes it accessible from any part of Las Vegas within 15 minutes.  If you need directions or if you even want someone to meet you at your place of residence or work call eBAIL right now at 702-462-9200.

Bail Bonds explained

Bail is collateral, either money or a bail bond, given to the court or jail to get someone out of jail now.  This bail will guarantee that the defendant will return to his court dates.  If the defendant does not return to his court dates a warrant for arrest will be issued and the court will keep the bail.  If the court date was missed by accident then a new court date can be scheduled by either going to the court clerk or hiring an attorney.  You have two options to get someone out of jail right now:

  1. Pay the full bail amount  This is the most expensive option since the full bail amounts are usually in the thousands or even tens-of-thousands of dollars.  If you choose this option all you have to do is go to the jail or court and pay with a cashiers check, money order or even credit card.
  2. Pay only 15% of the full bail amount.  This is the cheapest option.  NV Law, NRS 697.300, requires that you pay to a bail bond company 15% of the bail amount.  If any company charges you more or less they are acting illegally and can lose their license as well as be criminally charged.  eBAIL is the only Las Vegas Bail Bonds company that offers to finance of the 15% and has even has ZERO MONEY DOWN programs so call 702-462-9200 right now.

Inmate Release process

You have finally paid the bail bonds and you expect the jail to immediately open their doors to release your friend or loved one.  Unfortunately, the release does not work this fast.  Every jail in the greater Las Vegas area has a different process that takes from a few hours to 14 hours or even more.  Waiting for someone’s release will the most frustrating experience in this whole process since nobody will be able to tell you when someone will be released.  Based on past experience the following information is available on the three jails in the greater Las Vegas area:

  1. Clark County Detention Center:  The CCDC is the largest jail in Las Vegas and is located at 330 South Casino Center Drive right next to the Golden Nugget Casino.  Their bail window is closed every day from midnight until 8 am for paying and posting bail bonds.  Their release process can be as fast as four hours and as long as 24 hours but is an average of 14 hours.  Inmates will be released on the backside of the CCDC by the big grey gates on First Street between Clark and Bridger Street.
  2. City of Las Vegas Jail:  The City Jail is located at 3300 Stewart Avenue backed up against the 95 freeway, between Pecos and Mojave Street.  Their bail window is open 24 hours for paying and posting bail bonds.  Their release process can be as fast as six hours and as long as 24 hours but is an average of 16 hours.  Released inmates from this jail are being transported behind the CCDC and released.
  3. City of Henderson Jail:  This jail is only 15 minutes from Las Vegas on 18 Basic Road in Henderson.  Their bail window is open 24 hours for paying and posting bail bonds.  This jail has the following release times: 3 am, 10 am and 9 pm.  Released inmates will exit the jail to the right of the 18 Basic Road main entrance, where the benches are.

When it comes to bail bonds las vegas there is no better choice than eBAIL.  Fully licensed, accredited and professional we will help you through this process fast and confidential.  We work with the best attorneys in town and they trust us with their clients and so can you. Call us right now at 702-462-9200.  You will be glad you did.  I GUARANTEE IT, Marc Gabriel

BBB Accredited Las Vegas Bail Bonds Office

BBB Accredited Las Vegas Bail Bonds Office


OWN RECOGNIZANCE (OR) RELEASE – Is when the courts allow the arrested to be released for free without the need for a bail bond or having to pay for the bail.  OR releases are very rare and are usually granted within 72 hours of the arrest.

BAIL BOND RELEASE – Almost all arrestees are almost immediately eligible to be released on a bail bond.  This option is the fastest and cheapest release option from any jail.  Within a few hours after being arrested the jail will determine a bail amount.  A reputable Las Vegas Bail bonds company will pay this bail amount through a bond which is like a check.  For example, if the bail for a DUI is $3000 then the bonding company will write a check for $3000 and give it to the jail for the inmate’s release.  The jail will hold on to the check until all court dates are attended and then given back to the bail bonds company.  For this risk, the bail bonds company is required to charge 15% of the bail amount, which is $450 in the above example.  The 15% is required by Nevada State Law NRS 697.300 and cannot be more or less.  A Bail Bond is the fastest, cheapest and most convenient option to get someone released from jail.

CASH ONLY BAIL RELEASE  – Cash only bail is when the jail requires the bail to be paid in full, no bail bond is allowed.

HELD WITHOUT BAIL – This is where the jail does not allow the arrested to be released.  No cash bail or bail bond is allowed.

eBAIL Bail Bonds Las Vegas serves bail bonds in Southern Nevada mostly serving the Las Vegas, Summerlin, also serving Henderson Bail Bonds, Boulder City Bail Bonds

If you need a Bail Bond in Las Vegas or the surrounding area call Marc Gabriel a Better Business Bureau Accredited and Licensed Las Vegas Bail Bondsman.

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eBAIL Bail Bonds in Las Vegas

eBAIL Bail Bonds in Las Vegas

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