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Clark County District Court

Clark County District Court

Clark County District Court - Third Floor View










Clark County District Court


The Clark County District Court is the largest general jurisdiction court in Nevada and includes all municipalities, towns and smaller outlying communities of Clark County.  The court’s 52 elected judges serve over 2.1 million citizens and handle over 90,000 cases each year.


The Criminal and Civil Division of the Clark County District Court is located in Downtown Las Vegas, inside the Regional Justice Center on 200 Lewis Avenue on the corner of Third Street.  The Juvenile and Family Division is located inside the Family Court on 601 N. Pecos, Las Vegas, Clark County.  There is ample free and metered parking surrounding both Court locations.



Important phone numbers of the Clark County District Court divisions:

  • After Hours Protective Order Hotline:  702-646-4981
  • Arbitration:  702-617-4493
  • Discovery:  702-671-4486
  • Interpretive Services:  702-671-4581
  • Jury Services:  702-671-4363
  • Probate:  702-671-4491
  • Public Communications:  702-671-4534
  • CASA Program:  702-455-4306
  • Child Support and Paternity:  702-455-2190
  • Domestic Violence:  702-455-2434
  • Drug Court:  702-455-2060
  • Family Law Self-Help Center:  702-455-1500
  • Family Mediation Center:  702-455-4186
  • Guardianship and Domestic Discovery:  702-455-6674
  • Protective Orders and Violence Intervention Program:  702-455-3400
  • Transcript Video Services:  702-455-4977

Case Searches

Clark County District Court Criminal and Civil Cases can be searched for online or in person.  The online option is the fastest way to find out court dates or what happened in court.  Searches can be conducted by defendants name, plaintiffs name, case number, citation number and even attorneys name.

Online Case Searches

  • Criminal Case Search for the Clark County District Court online click here.
  • Civil Case Search for the Clark County District Court online click here.

In Person Case Searches

For in person case searches of the District Court proceed to 200 Lewis Avenue, between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday through Friday, to the third floor Clerks office.  Their friendly staff will be able to assist you in finding cases, court dates and other important information.


Warrants are issued by the Clark County District Court authorizing any law enforcement agency to arrest you.  If you miss a court date, don’t pay a required fine or fail to comply with anything ordered by the court a Warrant will be issued.  Warrants can be resolved prior to you being arrested:

Find out if you have a Warrant

The first step is to find out if you have a Warrant and what the Bail Amount is by calling 702-462-9200.

Resolve a Warrant

The second step is to resolve the Warrant by either paying the full Bail Amount, paying only 15% of the full Bail Amount or hiring an Attorney.

  • Paying only 15% of the full Bail Amount is the cheapest, fastest and most convenient way to immediately resolve a Warrant  by calling 702-462-9200
  • Paying the full Bail Amount is the most expensive way since it could be thousands of dollars and has to be paid at the Court in certified funds.
  • Hiring an Attorney is also another option to resolve a Warrant but usually takes days to get the Warrant resolved.

Clark County District Court Case Locator

Clark County District Court - Offices


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