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Does eBAIL Offer Lower Bail Bond Fees?

It is illegal to offer bail bonds for less than 15%. NV Law NRS 697.300 is very clear that 15% must be charged. If you are considering buying a “cheaper” bail bond from a bail agent that is willing to act illegal you definitely want to think about the following: Will that agent surrender the defendant back to the jail without a cause? Or will this bondsman return your collateral? To protect yourself only deal with a honest, licensed bail bond agent. eBAIL is fully licensed by the NV Department of Insurance, BBB accredited and authorized by the courts in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson to post bail bonds at their facilities. The best attorneys in town trust in our professionalism and confidentiality. If you are in need of a bail bond and don’t have enough money give us a call. Together we will find a way to get your friend or loved one out fast. You should worry if someone else is willing to act illegal by offering less than 15%.

For easy payment plans and questions regarding bail bonds please give us a call at 702-462-9200 or visit our company website here.

eBAIL services bail bonds in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and with the surrounding Clark County, Nevada.

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