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Green Valley North Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds in Green Valley North, Nevada

The fastest and cheapest way to get someone out of jail is by calling us at 702-462-9200.  My friendly staff or I will secure a bail bond to get them out of jail fast and easy.  We here at eBAIL are the premier bail bonds provider to the Green Valley North area and greater Henderson area.

Fastest Way to get Someone Out of Jail

The Henderson Jail is the closest detention facility to the Green Valley North area. Once someone is booked into the jail their charges and bail amounts are made available. The bail amount is what will get someone out of jail and is explained in the following example. If, for example, the bail amount is $1000 dollars then you have the following options to get someone out of jail:

  1. Pay $1000, which is the most expensive option and needs to be paid at the jail directly.
  2. Pay $150, which is the cheapest option and can be done by calling us at 702-462-9200 to secure a Green Valley Bail Bond. It is only 15% as required by NV Law.

A bail bond is the fastest most economical option since you only need to pay 15% or $150 as in the above example. It is the fastest option since Bail Bonds in Green Valley North area can be purchased over the phone with a credit card by calling 702-462-9200 or online. If you wish to visit our Green Valley Bail Bonds Office you can visit us just west of the 95 Freeway on 3100 E Charleston Blvd Suite 108.  A bail bond is like a check that we write for the full bail amount which in the above example would be $1000. We would then bring this $1000 check to the jail and the jail would hold this check until all the court dates have been attended.  The check will not be cashed but held as collateral and after all the court dates have been attended given back to the Bail Bonds Company. Your fee for this check is 15% or $150 in this example and is required by NV Law NRS 697.300.  eBAIL even offers LITTLE or NO MONEY down with easy payment plans.

Jails that accept our bail bonds

Types of bail bonds we service

Who are we

eBAIL is the the leading Bail Bonds Company in the Valley that is fully licensed by the NV Department of Insurance and the ONLY BBB accredited Green Valley Bail Bonds Company.  Centrally located just one block west of the 95 Freeway on 3100 E. Charleston Suite 108.  The most prominent criminal attorney’s trust eBAIL with their clients for all their bail bonds needs in the Green Valley North area.

Green Valley North

Green Valley North is a gorgeous community that is the northern portion of Green Valley area in the heart of Henderson, Nevada. Its southern border runs along Windmill Parkway in between Eastern Avenue and North Arroyo Grande and roughly borders in the north at Patrick Lane.  Many good, hardworking people in this quiet area sometimes get arrested and accused of a crime.  Chances are that they will be transported to and jailed at the Henderson Detention Center.  The option of a Green Valley Bail Bonds North is the fastest and most convenient way to get someone out of jail and back home to their families. Call 702-462-9200 right NOW.

Bail Bonds Coverage Area in Green Valley North

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