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Domestic Violence Bail Bonds in Henderson

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds in Henderson

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds in Henderson

eBAIL Bail Bonds can help those accused of crimes to get out of jail in Henderson with a domestic violence bail bond. When an individual is accused of domestic violence activity, the offending party will most likely be arrested and held until trial. The only way an accused person may be released from jail while awaiting trial is by paying the entire amount of the bail, hiring a criminal defense attorney to have the bail amount reduced, or by paying a percentage of the bail in the form of a domestic violence bail bond from a company such as eBAIL Bail Bonds.

What is a Domestic Violence Bail Bond?

When an individual is accused of committing an act of domestic violence, he or she will be arrested and taken into custody by law enforcement. A representative for the defendant, such as a friend or a family member, may pay a bail bondsman 15 percent of the amount of the bail that was set by the judge. This 15 percent is the amount required and set by law. The bondsman will then pay the bail on behalf of the accused. This results in an agreement between the defendant and the bondsman that the defendant will then appear for the scheduled trial or the bond will be revoked. This will result in an immediate arrest or even the hiring of a bounty hunter in order to insure the defendant’s return to jail. eBAIL Bail Bonds can help with bonding needs in domestic violence cases.

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How to get released from Jail in Henderson

There are only 3 ways to be released from a jail in Henderson once the bail amount is set. A defendant or a representative on the outside, such as a friend or family member, may do one of the following to help the accused to secure a release from jail:
Pay the full amount of the bail
Pay 15% to obtain a domestic violence bail bond
Hire a criminal defense attorney

The full amount of bail may run into thousands of dollars. The only benefit is that much of this amount may be returned following the trial once all court-related expenses have been paid. Hiring an attorney that specializes in criminal defense cases may help to lower the amount of the bail, but this will cost an additional amount to pay the lawyer. In addition, there is often a long wait for a new hearing during which time the defendant will remain in jail. Obtaining the appropriate domestic violence bail bond will only cost 15 percent of the amount of the bail. While these funds are not returnable, the Henderson bail bondsman will pay the court or jail right away to help expedite the release of the accused until trial, making this the preferred option for many people.

How long does it take to be released from a Henderson jail?

Once arrested, it takes some time before an accused can be released from jail. The defendant will be booked and await a hearing for a bail to be set. Once the full bail amount is paid or arrangements are completed for a domestic violence bail bond, the release process can begin. It takes a minimum from 6 to 16 hours at this point to be released from a Henderson jail, with more time being expected on weekends and holidays.

Why choose eBAIL Bail Bonds for your Henderson Bail Bonds Needs?

Marc Gabriel provides bail bonds in Henderson for those accused of domestic violence through eBAIL Bail Bonds. Professional and courteous service is available to assist clients through every step of the bonding process from start to finish. Fully licensed and accredited, eBAIL Bail Bonds will take out the guesswork and confusion to help the defendant to be released as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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