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Felony Bail Bonds in Henderson

Felony Bail Bonds in Henderson

Felony Bail Bonds in Henderson

eBAIL Bail Bonds can help those awaiting trial in Henderson to get released during this wait with felony bail bonds. When arrested on felony charges, the accused will have to wait in jail until the date of the trial unless he or she pays a bail amount set by the judge, hires an attorney to request a lower bail amount, or pays a smaller percentage of the bail to a company such as eBAIL Bail Bonds to obtain felony bail bonds.

What are Felony Bail Bonds?

Felony bail bonds are used in place of paying the full amount of bail. When a person is arrested under suspicion of committing a felony, the judge will often set a bail amount that is very high because felony offenses are much more serious than other offenses and may carry sentences that include jail time or prison time. This increases the chance that a defendant may choose to flee and not return to court for the scheduled trial. Because the bail amount for felony cases if often set so high, paying just 15 percent for felony bail bonds from a reputable company, such as eBAIL Bail Bonds, is an option that is frequently selected by those awaiting trial on felony charges. However, these bonds carry with them an agreement that the accused will attend the required court hearings. If not, the bond is revoked and the defendant will return to jail. The Henderson bail bondsman may even hire a bounty hunter if necessary to find and detain a fleeing defendant.

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How to get released from Jail in Henderson

There are just 3 ways that a defendant can be released from a jail in Henderson while waiting for the trial and after the bail amount has been set. A defendant, or a friend or family member as a representative, may do any one of the following for the accused to be released from jail before the trial:

  • Pay the full amount of the bail
  • Pay 15% to obtain a felony bail bond
  • Hire a criminal defense attorney

Because of the increased flight risk for those accused of felony charges, the bail amount may be extremely high, making it difficult to pay. After the trial, this money will be returned less any court-related expenses regarding the offense and the trial. A defendant may hire an attorney to try to convince the judge to lower the bail amount, but that amount will still need to be paid in addition to any cost of hiring the attorney. It is also important to note that the defendant will need to stay in jail while waiting for the judge to reduce the amount of the bail and there is no guarantee the judge will agree to a lower amount. For an option that is less expensive than paying the full bail amount and quicker than hiring an attorney, many people choose to pay for a bond. A felony bail bond can be secured at the cost of 15 percent of the bail amount that was determined by the judge. Unlike bail, the bond payment cannot be returned, but the bondsman will do the work to help the defendant get released from jail. Lower cost and less time in jail make bonds a preferred choice for many who are accused of felony charges.

How long does it take to be released from a Henderson jail?

Once the bond is posted or bail is paid, the release process takes 6 to 16 hours at a minimum and possibly longer on weekends and holidays. Paying a bondsman who knows the system can help speed up the process.

Why choose eBAIL Bail Bonds for your Henderson Bail Bonds Needs?

Those accused of a felony can obtain the necessary bail bonds in Henderson from Marc Gabriel of eBAIL Bail Bonds. Prompt and courteous service is fully licensed and accredited for confidence. Professional service is available to assist in the release of the accused in an efficient and timely manner.

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