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Immigration Bail Bonds in Henderson

Immigration Bail Bonds in Henderson

Immigration Bail Bonds in Henderson

When a person is arrested on immigration issues in Henderson, eBAIL Bail Bonds can help with immigration bail bonds. These bonds can help someone who has been arrested on immigration-related charges to avoid spending time in jail while waiting for the appropriate legal hearings or a trial, depending on the charges being faced. Immigration bail bonds provided by eBAIL Bail Bonds allows the accused to avoid staying in jail while waiting for all related proceedings and hearings related to the case. Without these bonds, the accused may need to pay a bail amount or even remain in jail until a final determination on an individual’s status is made by a judge.

What are Immigration Bail Bonds?

Immigration Bail Bonds provided by eBAIL Bail Bonds in Henderson can help those who are detained on immigration charges to be released from the holding jail until the hearing or proceedings. The defendant must attend every single hearing or proceeding that is scheduled or the bond will be forfeited, resulting in possible jail time or an increased risk of further sanctions imposed by the courts. There is a high flight risk associated with those arrested on immigration issues, so there may be a need for some collateral to guarantee the individual will attend the scheduled hearings. If the accused rails to attend the hearings or proceedings, the collateral will be forfeited along with any bonds.

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How to get out of Jail on immigration charges in Henderson

There is the possibility of multiple hearings or proceedings when involved with immigration matters. The defendant will need to remain detained in jail to wait through the entire process if other arrangements are not made. Instead of remaining in jail to wait for every hearing or proceedings related to the case, those accused of immigration-related offenses may be released from jail in Henderson to wait for their trial or hearings by one of the following methods:

  • Paying the amount of the bail set by the judge in full
  • Paying 15% and perhaps collateral to obtain immigration bail bonds
  • Hiring an immigration attorney

The bail set by the judge may be high, though this amount can be returned after all hearings and any related expenses have been paid. An attorney may help get the bail amount reduced, but will result in extra cost and more time spent behind bars waiting. Many people prefer to obtain immigration bail bonds rather than paying a large sum for bail or waiting additional time in jail. eBAIL Bail Bonds can provide these bonds at a fraction of the cost of bail and without waiting for an attorney to discuss matters with a judge. While the defendant may need to hire an attorney for an immigration defense, he or she will be free from jail during that time to spend with family while waiting for any hearings.

How long does it typically take to be released from jail in Henderson?

Once arrested, the defendant is booked into jail to wait for a hearing for the judge to determine a bail amount. After the bail is paid or other arrangements are made through an attorney or with a bond, the release process takes about 6-16 hours when there are no complications. Events at the jail, holidays, or weekends may increase the time spent going through the release process.

Why eBAIL Bail Bonds is the choice for your Henderson Bail Bonds Needs

eBAIL Bail Bonds provides timely and courteous service to those who need immigration bail bonds. Henderson bail bondsman, Marc Gabriel, can work with each client to come up with the arrangements necessary to secure the appropriate bail bonds in Henderson to meet that client’s needs to be released from jail while waiting for scheduled hearings and proceedings related to their case.

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