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Misdemeanor Bail Bonds in Henderson

Misdemeanor Bail Bonds in Henderson

Misdemeanor Bail Bonds in Henderson

eBAIL Bail Bonds helps those accused of crimes to avoid jail before a trial in Henderson with misdemeanor bail bonds. When someone has been accused of committing a misdemeanor offense, that person may or may not be arrested before the preliminary bail hearing. At this hearing, the judge will decide if it is necessary to set a bail amount in order for the defendant to remain out of jail while waiting for the trial. In the alternative, the accused party may be able to obtain misdemeanor bail bonds from a reputable Henderson bail bondsman service such as that provided by eBAIL Bail Bonds.

What are Misdemeanor Bail Bonds?

Misdemeanors are crimes that may result in fines of up to $1000 and jail time of up to a year in Henderson. While not as serious as felony offenses, misdemeanor crimes are still punishable by law, requiring the defendant to attend a trial for determination of guilt and potential punishment. The judge will set a bail amount to help insure the defendant’s return to court for the trial. If the defendant cannot afford the full amount of the bail, he or she may be able to obtain misdemeanor bail bonds in order to stay out of jail while waiting for the trial to occur. If an arrest has not occurred but the accused has received a summons to attend a hearing regarding misdemeanor charges, the accused should consider contacting a qualified bond company such as eBAIL Bail Bonds before the hearing. This can help to reduce the risk of jail time after the preliminary hearing.

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How to get released from Jail in Henderson

After an arrest, there are 3 ways to be released from a jail in Henderson once bail has been set. A defendant or a representative, such as a friend or family member, may do one of the following to help the accused obtain a release from jail:

  • Pay the full amount of the bail
  • Pay 15% to obtain misdemeanor bail bonds
  • Hire an attorney

Even for misdemeanor offenses, the amount of bail can be too high for many to pay, even though most of this amount is returned following the trial. An attorney can ask the judge to lower the bail, but bail must still be paid along with the attorney fees. Additionally, the accused will remain in jail awaiting a new bail hearing and there is no guarantee the judge will reduce bail. Misdemeanor bail bonds require only 15 percent of the bail amount and will allow the defendant to be released from jail to wait for the trial. Additionally, if the accused was not arrested before the hearing, these types of bonds can be obtained prior to the hearing from an agency such as eBAIL Bail Bonds, thus reducing the risk the defendant will have to spend time in jail waiting for the trial.

How long does it take to be released from a Henderson jail?

When arrested, the defendant will be booked and processed to await the bail hearing. After bail is set, it generally takes 6 to 16 hours at a minimum to be released, with often longer waits on holidays and the weekends. This lengthy process may be avoided with a misdemeanor bond from eBAIL Bail Bonds.

Why choose eBAIL Bail Bonds for your Henderson Bail Bonds Needs?

Marc Gabriel of eBAIL Bail Bonds provides bail bonds in Henderson for every need. Fully licensed and accredited, the eBAIL agency understands the law regarding bonds and release from jail to help those accused of criminal offenses, including misdemeanor crimes, to avoid jail when possible or to gain a speedy release in the case of an arrest. Those who receive a summons for a misdemeanor offense can benefit from securing a bond prior to the hearing to reduce the risk of spending time in jail.

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