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No Money Down Bail Bonds in Henderson

No Money Down Bail Bonds in Henderson

No Money Down Bail Bonds in Henderson

eBAIL Bail Bonds offers the option of No Money Down Bail Bonds in lieu of bail to get out of jail on bond in Henderson. A bond is often used as an alternative to paying the whole cost of bail when a defendant wishes to be free of jail while waiting for a scheduled trial to occur. Bail can be expensive, with the judge often setting such bail at thousands of dollars. While a bond can cost considerably less at only 15 percent of the price of bail, it may be difficult for an individual to even come up with that much money in one lump sum. To assist those with little money on hand, eBAIL Bail Bonds offers the option of no money down bail bonds as an alternative to regular bonds.

What are No Money Down Bail Bonds?

No money down bail bonds from eBAIL Bail Bonds work just like any other bond to facilitate a discharge from jail. However, instead of paying the 15 percent fee that is required by law, the Henderson bail bondsman will take alternative payment arrangements in order to secure the appropriate bonds in Henderson. Every circumstance is different, and each individual’s situation must be taken into account. However, to obtain the necessary bond without a cash payment, it is typically necessary for the defendant to have one or more of the following:

  • A job of stable employment for at least a year
  • A car that is fully owned with a valid title
  • A checking or savings account
  • Real property such as full ownership and title of land or a house
  • Family or friends with one or more of the above-mentioned options

One or more of these options may qualify an individual for payment arrangements on the required bond.

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How a defendant can obtain a release from a Henderson Jail

After being arrested, a defendant can get out of jail in one of three ways. These options require the defendant or a selected representative to do one of the following:

  • Pay the bail outright
  • Pay 15% percentage for the appropriate bond, or make arrangements with no money down bail bonds
  • Engage the services of an attorney

The full bail amount may cost thousands of dollars but is returned after court dates have been met and costs have been paid. An attorney’s services may or may not convince the judge to reduce bail, cost extra money, and result in a potentially lengthy wait for a new hearing. Many people prefer the convenience and cost effectiveness of bail bonds in Henderson. The bondsman will do the work to assist in the release of the defendant while awaiting the mandatory court hearings with the cost of only 15 percent of whatever bail price was set by the judge. Instead of needing to come up with this percentage immediately, eBAIL Bail Bonds offers payment arrangements to qualified individuals with no money down bail bonds.

In Henderson, how long does the process take to be released from jail?

No defendant can be released until after bail or bond arrangements of some type have been made. After that, the process to be released can encompass a 6-16 hour time frame or longer, especially over the weekend or on holidays. If there are problems going on inside the jail, this can also affect the time it takes to process a defendant for release.

Why clients prefer eBAIL Bail Bonds for Henderson Bail Bonds

Fully licensed and bonded, eBAIL Bail Bonds works to help the bonding process go quickly and smoothly to help expedite the defendant’s release from the jail facility. Bondsman Marc Gabriel works to help clients to obtain the correct bond for the situation and will work with clients to make financial arrangements to help get loved ones out of jail with as little delay as possible.

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