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Weapons Bail Bonds in Henderson

Weapons Bail Bonds in Henderson

Weapons Bail Bonds in Henderson

Weapons Bail Bonds from eBAIL can be used for temporary release if facing illegal weapons charges and awaiting trial in Henderson. Weapons-related charges can include possession, concealment, use, discharge, and more, and can be a very serious matter. The potential for resulting time in prison makes flight risk a very real concern. In these cases, the judge may set bail at a very high amount in order to help insure that the defendant will return for trial. For those who are unable pay the full amount of bail, a percentage may be paid in order to obtain weapons bail bonds from an agency like eBAIL Bail Bonds. Only after the bail or bond has been paid can the person accused of these charges be discharged from jail while waiting for the scheduled trial.

What are Weapons Bail Bonds?

Weapons bails bonds are used as an alternative to bail in order for an accused to get out of jail while waiting to attend a scheduled trial in Henderson. Like bail, a bond is a type of collateral used to be sure that the defendant will show up at the trial. While bail is a guarantee because the money can be returned less expenses after the trial, bonds are not refunded and work a little differently. If the accused fails to appear at trial, the bond is forfeited and the bondsman can use whatever methods are necessary to detain the defendant, including hiring a bounty hunter. Moreover, additional charges may be filed and more time may be spent in jail or prison if defendant skips out on the trial.

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How can someone get released from Jail on weapons charges in Henderson?

Until the judge sets a bail amount, there is little that can be done in order for an accused to be discharged from jail. However, after the judge sets the bail amount, there are only 3 ways in which the defendant may be released:

  • Pay the full bail amount
  • Pay a 15% percentage of the set bail to obtain weapons bail bonds
  • Hire an attorney to negotiate a lower bail

How long does the process take to be released from jail in Henderson?

Being released from jail is a process that can take some time and cannot begin until after the bail amount has been paid or the appropriate bond arrangements have been made. Once initiated, the process can take anywhere within 6 hour to 16 hour range barring any difficulties occurring within the jail. On holidays and weekends this process may take longer. The quicker bail or bond is paid, the sooner the process can begin to release the accused.

Why select eBAIL Bail Bonds when in need of Henderson Bail Bonds?

eBAIL Bail Bonds is fully licensed and accredited to provide the appropriate bail bonds in Henderson. Extensive experience with the jails and legal system allows the bondsman to work quickly and efficiently to help the defendant to get out of jail. Marc Gabriel works professionally and courteously with clients through every step of the bonding process.

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