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How to Bail a detainee out of Las Vegas Jail

If things went bad when having a good time while in Nevada, you may have to find out how to bail a detainee out Las Vegas jail. With more than one jail in the area, it can be difficult to know exactly where to go or what to do to help. That is where eBAIL comes in to help you promptly.

Where are detainees taken when arrested?

When someone is arrested in Las Vegas, they will be booked and remain as a detainee in one of three facilities in and around LV, Nevada. These are:
-Clark County Detention Center
-City of Las Vegas Detention Center
-Henderson Detention Center

At eBail, we will find out for you where your friend is being held so that we can make the appropriate arrangements for release.

Detainee’s Arraignment Decision:

Your friend or loved one will go to a bail hearing where the judge will make a decision on what will happen to the individual while awaiting trial. The individual may be released on their own recognizance with no need to post bail. This is more likely to occur with a misdemeanor offense. More serious offenses, such as felonies, may require a bail amount. This means that the individual may be released after a certain amount of money is paid as a guarantee that the person will return for trial. For murder cases or when the individual poses a flight risk, the judge may remand the person without bail. At eBail, we can find out if bail was set and the amount required by the judge.

How does a Bail Bond in Las Vegas work?

If a bail amount has been set, it might not be possible for you to come up with enough money to pay the entire amount. In this case, you might need the assistance of a qualified Las Vegas bail bondsman. You will only have to pay part of the bail amount, which is 15%. The bondsman will then pay the entire amount of bail to the Las Vegas jail on your behalf. This will begin the release process for the detainee.

How expensive is a Bail Bond?

A Las Vegas bail bond can be obtained for 15% of the amount of bail that is set by the judge or the courts. If bail is set at $1,000, you can pay the bondsman $150 to secure the bond. We understand that you may not be prepared to pay even 15%, especially if the bail is high. We can work out payment arrangements with you here at eBAIL. With little or no money down, we offer weekly or monthly payment plans to fit your budget.

Best Las Vegas Bail Bond Service

You do not want to take chances when the freedom of your friend or loved one is on the line. Choose no less than the best with Marc Gabriel and eBAIL. You can work with a skilled Las Vegas bail bondsman from our service. You can pay the bond in as little as three minutes with our online form. We’ll post bail quickly so that the release process can begin right away. If a friend or loved one is arrested in Las Vegas and needs a bailout, do not hesitate to contact eBAIL right away for assistance.

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