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Las Vegas Bail Bondsmen Facing Robbery and Kidnapping Charges

Two area Las Vegas Bail bondsmen have been arrested after posing as police officers and kidnapping an alleged female victim and taking her cell phone. Christopher Ontiveros-Mendez, 28, and Charles Rush, 29, both of Las Vegas were arrested and booked on multiple charges including impersonating a police officer, use of a deadly weapon, kidnapping, and robbery among more serious charges.

The incident occurred on July 12th after an exotic dancer employed by All Access contacted Metro Police regarding the two Las Vegas Bail bondsmen, who used fake police badges and took her into custody against her will, attempting to take her cell phone, personal items, etc.

Ontiveros-Mendez and Rush, were arrested later that evening after they released her from their custody. Both men were booked into the Clark County Detention Center and will be arraigned in the Las Vegas Justice Court on the impersonating a police offer, use of a deadly weapon, the kidnapping, and the robbery charges. The Bail Bondsmen are also under investigation for a similar crime that another dancer claims happened to her as well, with both Bail Bondsmen attempting to pose as police officers to gain to her into custody as well.

The incident took place at a Las Vegas apartment located at 8025 W. Russell Rd. The men posed and arrested the dancer, stating that she was in trouble for prostitution. They placed her in handcuffs, took her cash, beauty items belonging to her, and her wallet along with her cell phone. After half an hour of being restrained, the two men released her. The two men were attempting to gain information about a man who they claimed was a suspect in another crime and they were looking for him. The two dancers were able to identify both men as the ones who restrained them, and attempted to use deadly force to search and rob them of personal possessions. The charges both men are facing are felonies and if convicted, could put them behind bars for many years to come.

The names of the victims have yet to be released, and more information should be released regarding the case of both victims against the local men in the coming days. It is unknown whether the two dancers know one another, or if they both know the man in which the bondsmen were attempting to gain information about. Rush and Ontiveros-Mendez expect to plead not guilty.

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