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MacDonald Highlands Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds in MacDonald Highlands Nevada

If someone just got arrested in the MacDonald Highlands or Henderson area, call me, Marc Gabriel right now at 702-462-9200.  I or my friendly staff can find out which jail they are in and also what it takes to get them out.  We at eBAIL focus entirely on customer service and our excellent BBB accredited track record speaks for itself. Even the most prominent attorneys in the area trust their clients with eBAIL.

I Need to Get Them Out

The jail sets the bail amount which is in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.  This is the amount that needs to be paid to get someone out of jail now.  The most cost-effective way to pay for this bail is through a Bail Bond in MacDonald Highlands.  The cost of the bail bond is 15% of the bail amount as required by NV Law.  Short on cash?  eBAIL even finances the 15% with LITTLE MONEY DOWN and an easy payment plan, especially for MacDonald Highlands residents.  Call us for help right now at 702-462-9200.

What are the Other Options

If you choose not to pay for a bail bond the other options are as follows:

  • Pay the thousands of dollars at the jail direct
  • Wait for the next court date
  • Hire an attorney

Any of the above options will result in your friend or loved one has to stay in jail for days, even weeks which could cause them to lose their job.  Do not wait, we offer easy financing especially for MacDonald Highlands Bail Bonds.  Call us right now 702-462-9200.

MacDonald Highlands Fun Facts

  • MacDonald Highlands area highly affluent neighborhoods in the Henderson area.
  • It is the highest point in the Vegas Valley giving it a great view of its skyline.
  • The private mansions of MacDonald Highlands are home to well known corporate executives, professional athletes, actors and actresses, and politicians.
  • MacDonald Highlands Sales Office is located at 1730 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89012.

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