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Mesquite Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds in Mesquite Nevada

If someone just got arrested in Mesquite call 702-462-9200 right now.  Hi, my name is Marc Gabriel and I can help you get your friend or loved one out of jail.  My friendly staff or myself will take the stress off you by explaining the process to you.  We will handle everything for you so that you can go on with your day.

What is Bail?

Once someone is arrested the jail determines the bail amount based on the charges.  This amount is usually in the thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars or even much more.  This amount has to be paid in order to get that person released.  Bail guarantees that the person will show up to their court dates upon release.

How do I pay the Bail?

There are two ways to pay the bail:

  1. Pay the total Bail at the jail:  This is the most expensive option since you would have to pay thousands of dollars at the jail.  It is also very inconvenient since you would first have to find out how much the bail is, then go to the bank to get certified funds, drive from Mesquite to the jail, find parking and finally stand in line at the jail for 20-40 minutes to pay.
  2. Pay only 15% of the Bail by purchasing a Bail Bond from us, eBAIL:  This is the cheapest option since you would only pay the 15% instead of the whole Bail at the jail.  This 15% fee for the Mesquite Bail Bond is required by NV Law.  It is also the most convenient since we are only a short drive from Mesquite and a lot of transactions can even be done over the phone by calling 702-462-9200.

Can I make payments on the Bail Bond?

Absolutely.  We are a family owned business and understand that people need a little help, therefore we offer LITTLE MONEY DOWN on Mesquite Bail Bonds and with EASY PAYMENTS that suit your needs.

Jails that accept our bail bonds

Types of bail bonds we service

Fun Facts about Mesquite Nevada

  • It was settled by Mormon pioneers in 1880, who called it Mesquite Flat.
  • The city was incorporated in 1984.
  • By 2006 Mesquite was one of the fastest growing small towns in the US.
  • eBAIL’s NV Department of Insurance License #646700 and #720896, to execute Bail Bonds in NV.
  • eBAIL offers Mesquite Bail Bonds to get friends or family out of jail fast 702-462-9200

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Thank you for your business

Marc Gabriel, Mesquite Bail Bonds Provider



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