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Moapa Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds in Moapa Nevada

Call 702-462-9200 right now if your friend or loved one just got arrested and in need of Moapa Bail Bonds.  Our friendly staff at eBAIL will help you find which jail they went to, what the charges are, when the next court date is and how easy it is to get them out of jail now!  Moapa Valley is in Clark County, is approximately 65 miles northeast of Las Vegas and about 75 miles southwest of St. George, Utah.  Overton, Logandale and Moapa are the three towns that make up this oasis in the Nevada Desert.

What happens when someone gets arrested

Your friend or loved one just got arrested somewhere in the Moapa Valley.  Their car will be impounded and towed to one of the closest towing companies that are contracted with the police.  They will be handcuffed and placed in the back of the police cruiser and taken to the closest jail.  Chances are that they will be transported to the Clark County Detention Center which is approximately an hour drive from Moapa.

What happens once in jail

Once arrived at the Clark County Detention Center they will be booked in which can take up to four hours.  No information will be available until this process is completed.  Upon completion their name, booking number, charges out of Moapa, next court date and bail amount will be available.  The bail bond amount is the most crucial information needed to get someone out of jail fast.  eBAIL offers Moapa Bail Bonds online or by phone 702-462-9200.

How to get someone out of jail

The Clark County Detention Center is not a nice place to be.  Anyone arrested anywhere in the Moapa Valley will be transported and held at the CCDC.  Your friend or loved one will be in the general holding tank bunched together with accused prostitutes, thieves and even murderers.  The goal should be to get them out of jail as fast as possible by securing Moapa Bail Bonds.  The following will explain your options on getting someone out on bail now:

Pay the full bail amount to get out of jail

This is the most expensive option since bail bond amounts are usually in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.  If you choose this option just drive to the CCDC and pay with a cashiers check, credit card or money order directly at their bail window.  Please note that they are closed from 12 midnight to 8 am every day.

Pay only 15% of the full bail amount to get out of jail

This is the cheapest option since you only have to pay 15% of the bail amount.  You would hire a reputable and accredited Moapa Bail Bond Company such as eBAIL by calling 702-462-9200 right now to get this process started.  Most of the time this process can be done over the phone or ONLINE in 3 minutes or less.

Why hire eBAIL

If your friend or loved one got arrested in Overton, Logendale or anywhere in the Moapa Valley give us a call at 702-462-9200 right now.  eBAIL is fully licensed by the NV Division of Insurance and accredited by the BBB.  The best attorneys trust their clients with eBAIL.  We provide professional and confidential Bail Bonds in Moapa Nevada either by phone 702-462-9200, online or in person at our beautiful office at 3100 E. Charleston Suite 108, LV, NV.  Here are the top reasons to hire eBAIL:

  • Fully licensed by the NV Division of Insurance
  • Accredited by the BBB
  • Trusted by the best Attorneys
  • Confidential and professional
  • NO MONEY DOWN available
  • EASY PAYMENTS available

eBAIL is the clear choice for your Moapa Bail Bonds to get your friend or loved one out of jail fast, by PHONE 702-462-9200 and ONLINE.

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