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Nellis Air Force Base (AFB) Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds at Nellis Air Force Base (AFB)

If someone just got arrested in the Nellis AFB or Las Vegas area call 702-462-9200 for help right now.

Our friendly staff will find out which jail they are in and what it takes to get them out now.

The Cheapest and Fastest way out of jail

The cheapest and fastest way out of jail is through a bail bond that will cover the bail amount.  The bail amount is determined by the jail based on the charges and is usually in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.  A bail bond will cover these thousands of dollars and only costs 15% of the bail amount.  It makes financial sense to purchase a Nellis Nellis AFB Bail Bond for only 15% instead of paying the jail the thousands of dollars.  The 15% fee is required by NV Law and if anybody charges you more or less is acting illegally and needs to be reported to the NV Department of Insurance.

Short on cash?  Do not worry, we here at eBAIL accept credit/debit cards and checks.  We even offer LITTLE MONEY DOWN with EZ PAYMENTS that suit your needs.  Our staff will do whatever is possible to help you get someone out of jail.

Whats are Nellis AFB Bail Bonds?  They are Bail Bonds tailored to the needs of the men and women that are retired military or currently employed at the Nellis AFB in Las Vegas.  For those individuals eBAIL will pay the $50 posting fee that the jail requires.

Fun Facts about the Nellis Air Force Base

  • This AFB has more military schools and squadrons than any other USAF.
  • It covers about 11,300 acres in northeast Las Vegas in the Alluvial Basin.
  • The Nellis AFB is located at 5941 Fitzgerald Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89191.
  • eBAIL offers LITTLE MONEY DOWN for Nellis AFB Bail Bonds to all military personnel and even NO MONEY DOWN for some.  Wait no more and call right now 702-462-9200

Thank you for your service in the armed forces and also your business

Marc Gabriel, exclusive Nellis AFB Bail Bonds Provider

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