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No Money Down Bail Bonds

eBAIL Online Bail Bonds Las Vegas

eBAIL Online Bail Bonds Las Vegas

Call 702-462-900 for No Money Down Bail Bonds.  eBAIL also offers no money down bail bonds. Depending on the bail amount a lot of times the cosigner can give us a signed off title to a vehicle to hold. In turn eBAIL will front the money and immediately post the bail bond and work out an easy payment plan for the State of Nevada required 15% fee. If the cosigner owns a home a Deed of Trust can be signed. Or anything of value can be pledged. We are willing to look into any possibility in helping our clients out. So, call us at 702-462-9200 and just ask us, we are available day or night. eBAIL is a BBB accredited business and our attorneys and clients trust in our confidential and professional bail bond service.

eBAIL also offers Online Bail Bonds in 3 minutes or less.  Our main office is located at 3100 E. Charleston Suite 108 in the heart of the world famous Sin City. eBAIL assists with getting detainees released from  the Clark County Detention Center, Las Vegas Jail, North Las Vegas Jail and the Henderson Detention Center. In your time of need don’t just gamble on any run down looking bail bond company in a scary part of town – visit eBAILs beautiful office. For bail info please call 702-462-9200


OWN RECOGNIZANCE (OR) RELEASE – Is when the courts allow the arrested to be released for free without the need for a bail bond or having to pay for the bail.  OR releases are very rare and are usually granted within 72 hours of the arrest.

BAIL BOND RELEASE – Almost all arrestees are almost immediately eligible to be released on a bail bond.  This option is the fastest and cheapest release option from any jail.  Within a few hours after being arrested the jail will determine a bail amount.  A reputable Las Vegas Bail bonds company will pay this bail amount through a bond which is like a check.  For example if the bail for a DUI is $3000 then the bonding company will write a check for $3000 and give it to the jail for the inmates release.  The jail will hold on to the check until all court dates are attended and then given back to the bail bonds company.  For this risk the bail bonds company is required to charge 15% of the bail amount, which is $450 in the above example.  The 15% is required by Nevada State Law NRS 697.300 and cannot be more or less.  A Bail Bond is the fastest, cheapest and most convenient option to get someone released from jail.

CASH ONLY BAIL RELEASE  – Cash only bail is when the jail requires the bail to be paid in full, no bail bond is allowed.

HELD WITHOUT BAIL – This is where the jail does not allow the arrested to be released.  No cash bail or bail bond is allowed.

eBAIL Bail Bonds Las Vegas serves bail bonds in Southern Nevada mostly serving the Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Boulder City Areas….

If you need a Bail Bond in Las Vegas or surrounding area call Marc Gabriel a Better Business Bureau Accredited and Licensed Las Vegas Bail Bondsman.

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