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Pay Parking and Traffic Citation Tickets – Henderson, Nevada

Pay Parking Tickets Online - Henderson, Nevada

To pay off a traffic citation online go to the City of Henderson Municipal Court Traffic Citation Payment page.

The City of Henderson is a charming little town on the south-eastern outskirts of Las Vegas.  The downtown area is populated by businesses and also small casinos on either side of its main street known as Water Street.  The City’s increasing popularity also brings with it an increase of police handing out more traffic tickets.  If you are one of the unfortunate people who received a traffic ticket in Henderson you have a few options to take care of it.

The first and best option to handle a traffic ticket is to give it to your attorney or hire any attorney in Henderson.  In almost every instance an attorney will save you money, aggravation and also points on your traffic citation.

The second option is to go online here or google for pay traffic ticket in Henderson.  You can use your credit or debit card to pay for your citation.  If you pay your ticket online, you have to pay in full and will not have a chance for a reduction in fine and points on your drivers license.

The third option is to go to the Henderson Court directly which is located right on 243 Water Street either on your scheduled court date or before.  On the date of your court as stated on your ticket you will see the judge.  You will have the opportunity to be heard and argue your ticket.  If you miss your court date a warrant for  your arrest will be issued.  Getting a traffic ticket in Henderson is not a big deal but if you ignore it, it will turn into a huge deal.  For convenience you can pay your ticket online now.

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