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Primm Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds in Primm Nevada

If someone just got arrested in Primm call eBAIL at 702-462-9200, we can get them out of jail fast with a Primm Bail Bond.  Our special financing can deliver with LITTLE MONEY DOWN and EASY PAYMENTS.  The sooner you call us the faster we can go to work – call our friendly staff right now 702-462-9200.

History of Primm Nevada

In the 1920s a guy named Pete Macintyre owned and operated a gas-station at state line.  He could not make ends meet so he resorted to making and selling moonshine.  He became known as “Whiskey Pete” and died in 1933.  According to legend he wanted to be buried upright with a bottle of his brew so that he can oversee the valley.  Later his unmarked grave was accidentally unearthed by road workers.  Whiskey Pete was finally laid to rest in one of the caves where he cooked his moonshine.

Fun Facts about Primm Nevada

  • Terrible’s Score Primm 300 off road races are hosted there.
  • The 1997 Worlds Strongest Man competition was held there
  • The 2000 census counted its population at 436 people.
  • The Primm Valley Lotto Store sells more lottery tickets than any other vendor in California and is located at 31900 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Primm, NV 89019.
  • eBAIL provides Bail Bonds in Primm Nevada quickly to get people out of jail – 702-462-9200

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