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Summerlin Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds in Summerlin Nevada

If your friend or loved one just got arrested call me at 702-462-9200 right NOW.  Either I or my friendly staff can explain to you what is happening and how to get them out of jail.  Hi, my name is Marc Gabriel and I am a Summerlin resident and the Agent and owner of eBAIL a Summerlin Bail Bonds provider.  eBAIL is fully licensed by the NV Department of Insurance and also a proudly BBB Accredited Bail Bonds Company, exclusively serving Summerlin and the greater Las Vegas Valley.

What should you do next

Call us anytime at 702-462-9200.  We will go immediately to work for you by finding out which one of the three jails they are going to.  We will get their charges, next court date, and bail information.  Bail is what can get them out of jail almost immediately.

How Can you get them out immediately

Bail is what can get them out almost immediately.  Bail is collateral in the form of either Cash or a Bail Bond.  Once bail is paid their release process starts immediately.  There are two options to pay for bail:

Option 1:  Pay the total bail amount.

This is the most expensive and time-consuming option.  Bail is usually in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars and has to be paid either by credit card, cashiers check or money order at the jail.  You would be required to drive to the bank to get the required funds and then drive downtown, find parking and then stand in line at the jail.  This could take one hour or even two, therefore almost all people choose the next option, which is to purchase a Summerlin Bail Bond, please read on:

Option 2:  Pay only 15% of the total bail amount.

This is the cheapest and most convenient option It is the cheapest option since you only have to pay 15% of the total.  This 15% is required by NV Law and purchases a Bail Bond in Summerlin Nevada whose value would be the total bail amount.  It is also the cheapest since we offer to finance with LITTLE or even NO MONEY DOWN. It is the most convenient option since we even offer bail bond purchases over the phone.  We handle everything for you.  Call us at 702-462-9200 right now with no obligation and we will answer all your questions.

Jails that accept our bail bonds

Types of bail bonds we service

Summerlin Service Area

Summerlin is an affluent master-planned community that borders at the 95 freeway in the east, 215 freeway in the west, Cheyenne Avenue in the north and Alta Drive in the south.  Summerlin Bail Bonds covers the entire Summerlin area which includes zip codes 89138, 89144, 89145, 89134 and surrounding Vegas valley.  Get your loved one home fast call 702-462-9200.  Thank you.

Bail Bonds Coverage Area for Summerlin Nevada

Why choose eBAIL as your Summerlin Bail Bonds Company

  • The most prominent attorneys trust us with their clients.
  • We are the only BBB accredited Bail Company providing bail bonds to Summerlin.
  • We will come to you if you are unable to come to our office.
  • We are the fastest because of our close location to the jails.

I am a Summerlin resident and your satisfaction is very important to me.  Please contact me directly with any questions regarding Summerlin Bail Bonds at my office:  702-462-9200.  Thank you.

Marc Gabriel, Summerlin Bail Bondsman




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