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The Lakes (Las Vegas) Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds at The Lakes in Las Vegas

Call me at 702-462-9200 right now so that I can get your friend or loved one out of jail.

Hi, my name is Marc Gabriel and if someone just got arrested in the Lakes or Las Vegas area I can help you right now.  When you call we will immediately go to work to get them out of jail.  We will answer all your questions and explain how bail and jail work with no obligations.  We will help you even if you choose not to get them out of jail or decide to use another bail bonds company in the Lakes area.  We at eBAIL are the only Department of Insurance and BBB Accredited Bail Bonds Company at the Lakes area.

How Can You Help Me Get Someone Out of Jail

The first thing to do is to call us at 702-462-9200.  Once someone is on their way to jail the fastest way to get them out is to pay their bail.  Bail is set by the jail based on the inmate’s charges and is usually in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.  Here are your options to pay someone’s bail:

Pay the Full Bail Amount at the Jail

This is the most expensive and inconvenient option.  It is expensive since you would have to pay the thousands or even more of dollars direct at the jail.  It is very inconvenient since you would have to leave the Lakes, drive to the bank to get the exact bail amount in certified funds, then you would have to drive downtown, find parking and ultimately stand in line at the jail.  Most people choose the next option which is to get a Bail Bond at The Lakes in Las Vegas:

Pay Only 15% for a Bail bond

This is the cheapest and most convenient option.  It is the cheapest option since a bail bond only cost 15% of what the bail from the jail is.  Yes, you heard right, instead of paying the jail thousands of dollars of the bail you only have to pay 15% of that to the Lakes Bail Bonds Company which is eBAIL.  eBAIL will issue a bond which is just like a check for the thousands of dollars that the jail requires.  This check is given then to the jail for the release of your friend or loved one.  The jail will hold on to the check until all the court dates have been attended and then given back to eBAIL.  The cost of this bail bond or check is set at 15% as required by NV LAW.  If anybody else at the Lakes charges you more or less than 15% is acting illegally and should be immediately reported to the NV Department of Insurance.  There is no need to go to such an illegal business since eBAIL offers Little or No Money Down for The Lakes Bail Bonds.

Jails that accept our bail bonds

Types of bail bonds we service

Fun Facts about The Lakes in Las Vegas

The Lakes area is an affluent area situated in the west of Las Vegas in the 89117 zip code.  The shape of the Lakes is almost a perfect rectangle starting on Rainbow Boulevard in the east, Hualapai Way in the West and Sahara Avenue and Desert Inn Road as the north and south border.  Almost in the middle of this master-planned community are the Lakes with man-made coves, docks and breathtaking homes by the water in the 89117 zip code.  Marc Gabriel the exclusive Lakes Bail Bonds provider only lives 5 minutes by the Lakes.

Bail Bonds Coverage Area at The Lakes in Las Vegas

If anybody got arrested in the Lakes or greater Las Vegas area please call 702-462-9200 for help.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed and I welcome any questions or comments anytime.

Thank you

Marc Gabriel, The Lakes Bail Bonds Provider

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