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Types of Bail Bond Collateral

When securing a bond for yourself or a loved one, it is important to be aware of the various types of bail bond collateral that you might be able to use. If the accused fails to appear for scheduled hearings and the trial after being released from jail on a bond, this collateral may be retained by the bondsman to be sold as repayment for the full amount of bail as a part of the bond agreement.

Detainees bail is set by the judge

If you or someone you know is arrested in Las Vegas, that individual will be taken to one of the three detention centers, booked, and given a bail hearing. The judge will determine the amount of bail. There are three choices at this point. The individual or a representative may:
– Pay the full amount of bail set by the judge
– Hire a bail bondsman for 15% of the set amount of bail
– Hire an attorney to try to have the bail amount reduced

How does a Bail Bond in Las Vegas work?

A detainee may have an opportunity to contact a bail bondsman or a friend or loved one for assistance. The bail bondsman will require 15% of the bail amount as a fee. The bondsman will then make arrangements for the full amount of bail to the detention center in order to begin the release process for the individual who was arrested.

Types of Collateral that can be used for the bail bond

You can hire a bail bondsman for 15% of the bail amount. While this amount is typically paid in cash, an individual may not have access to that much cash, either in a bank account or by using a high limit credit card, if the amount of bail is set very high. In that case, a bondsman will take certain items in lieu of cash to hold until the accused takes care of all legal matters or as payment for the 15% fee. Large items of property, such as a home, land, or car may be used. Smaller property items that can be pawned or are of great value, such as jewelry, gold or silver coins, or firearms may also be considered. Basically any item that has value can be used in place of cash to secure the release of the arrested party from a detention center.

Accused shows up for court dates

As long as the accused shows up for all hearings and trial dates, the only fee will be the 15% paid to the bondsman.

Accused skips their court dates

If the accused does not show for hearings or trial, the bondsman can use various means to find and secure the defendant, including the hiring of a fugitive retrieval service. The bondsman has 6 months, after which time the bondsman will lose the bail that was put up at the jail for the accused as a part of the bond agreement. In addition to the 15% fee, the defendant will now owe the full amount of the bail to the bondsman. In this case, the bondsman can collect any collateral that was used to secure the bond.

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