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Where Can I Find Cheap Bail Bonds?

The cost for bail bonds in Las Vegas, Nevada is 15% of the bail amount.  This 15% rate is mandatory by NV Law NRS 697.300 and regulated by the NV Department of Insurance.

Potential clients ask us all the time:  “If we can do this cheaper or so-and-so company said they can do it for 5%”.  The fact of the matter is, that any bail bond agent or company that offers a discounted or cheaper rate is acting illegally or deceptively.  Then the real question arises if you can trust this bail bond agent or company that is willing to break the law?  Can you trust that they will not re-arrest the defendant for no reason?  Or can you trust them to return your collateral?  For your protection, deal with a licensed bail bond company that is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  We have are fully licensed and accredited.  If you have any questions regarding bail bonds please give us a call at 702-462-9200 and we can help you with little or no money down and an easy payment plan on the required 15% rate.  Visit our company website here.

eBAIL provides bail bond services in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson area as well as nationwide.

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