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How do Bail Bonds in Las Vegas work?

People often ask me how a bail bondsman works with bail bonds Las Vegas. Even if you are a law-abiding citizen, it’s good to know, just in case you get that call from your friend or loved one in jail. Therefore, I came up with this site to answer this and other common questions about bail bondsman and bail in the Las Vegas area.

A bail bond is a sum of money or collateral posted to get a person out of custody pending a trial. This bail bond is a promise that said person will appear in court at the allotted time.

Options for getting out of a Las Vegas jail

Even if you know that your friend or loved one is in a Las Vegas jail in error, guilt or innocence does not matter at this time. You want to get them out as fast as you can by choosing one of the following options:

Pay the full bail amount

The first option is for you to pay the full amount of the bail directly to the Las Vegas jail or court which can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. This option is usually not financially feasible and most people hire a reputable bail bondsman agency.

Pay 15% of the full bail amount

Your second and cheapest option is to hire a licensed and accredited Las Vegas bail bonds company. The bail bondsman will put the money for the full bail amount and they could lose it in the event the defendant does not show up to court. For this risk, the bail bondsman has to charge the 15 percent fee as required by Nevada Law NRS 697.300.

Hire and attorney

The third option would be to hire a reputable Las Vegas attorney (Nevada Attorneys). The attorney could ask for the defendant to be released on his own recognizance or for at least a reduction of bail. This option is usually very time consuming since it could be days or weeks before your attorney sees the judge. Going through an attorney is usually best for very large bail bonds from $50,000 and up.

Going through a bail bondsman immediately after being arrested is always the fastest way to get out of a jail in Las Vegas.

How long does it take to be released from jail in Las Vegas?

Most jails including the City of Las Vegas Jail, Clark County Detention Center and the City of Henderson Jail the release times can range from 6-12 hours at a minimum. In some cases, the release time can take even longer depending on weekends and holidays or other events inside the jails. Once the bail bondsman has posted the bail, the release process begins, therefore hire eBAIL as fast as possible by calling 702-462-9200. Going to jail is not the best way to spend time in Las Vegas so call eBAIL now!

Why choose eBAIL for your Las Vegas Bail Bond needs?

Fast – Lightning fast Las Vegas bail bonds through our online or phone service.

Licensed – Fully licensed bail bondsman by the Nevada Department of Insurance to post bail bonds at any jail and court.

Reputation – eBAIL is the only BBB accredited bail bondsman in Las Vegas.

Trust – Most attorneys in Las Vegas trust their clients with Marc Gabriel as their Las Vegas bail bondsman.

Professional – eBAIL always treats their clients with courtesy and the upmost discretion.

Financing – eBAIL guarantees easy payment plans on the required 15% bail bonds fee.


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