What Happens First to the Person Arrested in Nevada?

Which Jail? Find Out Quickly

What Happens? Once Inside the Jail in Nevada

What is Bail? Find out Quickly

What is the Bail Amount in Nevada?

What Are My Options?

What is a Bail Bond in Nevada?

How Does a Bail Bond Work?

What Happens? If the Defendant Misses a Court Date in Nevada.

What Happens to the Co-Signer? If the Defendant Misses Court.

Bail Bond Co-Signer Responsibilities in Nevada

Using a Bail Bondsman. What are the Fees?

15% Bail Bond Fee. Is it Refundable in Nevada?

What if I don't Have the Full 15%?

Are Some Bail Bond Agencies Cheaper in Nevada?

Why Post Bail? For Someone you Know

Why Post Bail? for Someone you Know Who Needs Help

When will the defendant get released after the bail is posted in Nevada?

What happens first to the person arrested?

Don’t be scared. The person arrested is being accused of a crime and their innocence or guilt does not matter at this time. The detainee aka defendant will receive transportation to jail and go through processing.

Which Jail?

There are four Jails in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the surrounding area. Clark County Detention Center also known as County Jail or CCDC, the City of Las Vegas Jail also known as City Jail, North Las Vegas Detention Center and Henderson Detention Center. Don’t bother calling the jails, you could be on hold for up to 30 minutes. Just contact eBAIL’s friendly staff and we will find your friend or loved one and all the pertinent information to secure their release.

What happens once in Jail?

The defendant goes through processing/booking into the jail which usually takes a few hours. Once processed in, their accused crime, also known as charge(s), and their bail amount is made available. At that time the defendant will be able to make free phone calls and call someone to “bail” them out. As soon as you know that your friend or loved one got arrested contact eBAIL. We will find out which of the four jails they are in along with details about charges and bail amount. Let us do all the work.

What is Bail?

Bail means that money, or some other form of property, is pledged usually to a bail bonding company for the temporary release of the defendant from jail.

What is the Bail Amount?

The jailor court always determines the bail amount. The dollar amount will depend on the allegations of the crime. For example, the bail amount for a DUI is usually $3,000.

What are my options to help?

To get your friend or loved one out of jail you have a few options:
1) You can go directly to jail and as in the above example pay $3,000 to the jail.
2) You can hire a bail bonding company and pay only a small percentage of the $3,000. That percentage is (15%) as per Nevada Law or $450 as in the above example.
3) You can leave them in jail until their court date which is usually within 72 hours.

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a contractual process where the bail bonding company, through a co-signer, guarantees the payment of the bail amount to the court if the defendant fails to appear on their scheduled court date. In the above DUI example, that bail amount is $3,000.

How does Bail Bond Work?

You hire a bail bonding company and during the bail process a bond is issued which is like a “check”. The dollar amount on this “check” is the full bail amount (in the above DUI example the “check” would be $3,000). This “check” is then given to the court and only cashed if the defendant fails to make their court appearance. However, before the court can “cash the check”, the defendant has the chance to re-schedule for a new court date.

What happens if the Defendant misses court?

If a defendant misses a court date a warrant will be issued for their arrest. To resolve the warrant, the defendant can have their attorney file a motion to quash the warrant and get a new court date. A lot of times, the defendant themselves can go to the court directly and squash the warrant and schedule a new court date. Scheduling and appearing for a new court date will stop the court from cashing the “check”.

If the Defendant misses court what happens to the co-signer?

If the arrest warrant is not resolved in a timely manner by the defendant or their attorney, a Fugitive Recovery Service will be retained to return the defendant to jail and the co-signer will be responsible for all applicable fees.

What is the co-signer responsible for?

The co-signer is responsible to pay for all fees and also the full bail amount in the event the defendant disappears. In the above DUI example, the co-signer would be responsible to pay for the fees and also the $3,000 bail amount.

What is the fee for using a Bail Bondsman?

The State of Nevada as per Law, (NRS 697.300) sets the fee (also called a premium) at (15%) of the bail amount. In our DUI example from above, the bail amount is $3,000, so the required fee you have to pay is (15%) of the $3,000 which is $450.

Is the 15% fee refundable in Nevada?

Once we post the bond with the jailor court, the fee is non-refundable.

What if I don’t have the full 15% fee right now?

Don’t worry. eBAIL guarantees financing and will work with you to create an easy payment plan. eBAIL accepts all types of payment such as cash, checks and credit cards in person, over the phone or on our website. In some instances, eBAIL will provide 100% financing if sufficient collateral such as personal property, real estate, vehicles, titles etc is/are pledged or a good co-signer is involved. Most of the time clients just bring their car title for eBAIL to hold until all obligations are fulfilled.

Are some Bail Bond Agents cheaper than others in Nevada?

Because the bail fee (premium) is set by the State at (15%), all bail bond agents have to charge the full (15%) as a matter of law (see Nevada State Law (NRS 697.300)). In almost all cases where a Bail Agent offers a reduced rate, the Agent is not a licensed bondsman or is acting deceptively. For your protection and the defendants, you want to avoid this type of scenario. eBAIL will work with you and guarantees easy financing of the required (15%) fee.

Why use eBAIL?

eBAIL has full licensing, appropriate bonding, and insurance. eBAIL also has an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

Why post Bail?

Posting Bail allows a defendant to be free prior to their court date. There is no disruption in their life and they can return to work. Bail allows them to adequately prepare for the court dates and also change the court dates to suit their schedule. If no one posts bail for the detainee, they will appear on the court dates in prison clothing and handcuffs. Most of the time this will imply to the judge and jury that the defendant is already guilty. Unfortunately, it gives the impression the detainee is going through acclimation to the prison system. Therefore, reducing their chances of a successful outcome. However, a defendant “on bail” can reschedule the court dates, wearing their own appropriate attire. Wearing normal clothes or even a suit and tie can greatly minimize any undue bias.

When will the Defendant be released?

Once we post the bond, the process for release will begin. This release process depends on the jail and usually takes 4 to 12 hours or sometimes more.

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