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Arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada

Being arrested in Las Vegas can undoubtedly put a damper on your fun and the good times for which this cultural center of Southern Nevada is known. When help from your family and friends can be thousands of miles away, it is good to know that you do not have to spend the rest of your time in the big LV locked away inside of a cell, waiting for a trial. An experienced Las Vegas bail bondsman can get help you to get out at a fraction of the cost of paying your entire bail.

What happens when you are arrested in Las Vegas?

When you are placed under arrest, you will be taken to one of the facilities in or around Las Vegas for booking. You will be photographed, fingerprinted, and searched thoroughly. You will wait in a holding cell until a judge can hear the evidence to set your bail amount.

How many Jails are in Las Vegas

It can be confusing to find a detainee in LV, because there are three different facilities that might be used. These are the Clark County Detention Center, the City of Las Vegas Detention Center, and the Henderson Detention Center. If a friend or family member is coming to your aid, it can help to tell them where you are being held.

Can I “Bail Out” a Detainee?

Once the judge has set the amount of bail on your friend or family member, you can go to the jail and pay the full amount of bail, or you may find a qualified Las Vegas bail bondsman to help you out.

How does a Bail Bond in Las Vegas work?

If you do not have the full amount of money to pay the entire bail at once, you might want to choose the option of working with a Las Vegas bail bondsman. You will pay 15% of the set bail to the bondsman. The bondsman will then go to the jail and pay the entire amount of bail on your behalf. Your friend or loved one will then begin the release process.

How expensive is a Bail Bond?

Looking at the cost of bail, a bond is truly a more cost-effective choice. This is especially true if you do not have perhaps thousands of dollars saved up and ready to use. The cost of the bond is 15% of the bail amount that is set by the judge or the courts.

Are there payment options with eBAIL?

At eBAIL, we want to make it easy for you to get the assistance that you need. We have payment plans available with little money down with no money down if necessary. Our convenient monthly or weekly payment plans are designed to fit your budget.

Best Las Vegas Bail Bond Service

If you are arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada, turn to Marc Gabriel and eBAIL. We can post bail at most facilities in as little as 15 minutes to get the release process started quickly. We’re licensed by the Nevada Department of Insurance and maintain a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau. The top attorneys in town refer their clients to us. With confidential service and easy financing options, eBail is ready to help secure your release.

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