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Las Vegas Bail Bond Contract and Agreement

If you or a loved one is arrested in LV, Nevada, you can make a bail bond agreement with a qualified bondsman in order to secure your release before trial. You can agree to this bail contract so that you do not have to remain at the detention center until the date of your trial. There are some responsibilities that you should know about before you enter any type of contract.

Detainee’s bail is set by the judge

After being arrested and taken to jail, the accused will have a bail amount set by the courts based on the severity of the offense. A friend or family member can pay the full amount of bail that is set by the judge in order to secure the detainee’s release from the detention center. You can also find a bondsman in LV, Nevada. You are only required to pay 15% of the bail amount in order to begin the release process. Another option is to hire a lawyer to try to have the bail lowered, but this can take time where the defendant will remain behind bars while waiting for the new bail hearing.

How does a Bail Bond in Las Vegas work?

The law requires that a bondsman collect 15% of the bail amount as fee. In many cases, collateral may be required as well. Once this fee is paid, the bondsman will go to the jail and cover the full amount of the bail. This is when the release process can officially begin.

Accused shows up for court dates

The bail contract is required to ensure that the accused will show up for any subsequent court dates. As long as the defendant shows up at court when scheduled, there will be no additional fees owed to the bondsman other than the 15% already arranged. This 15% fee that is paid to the bail bondsman is not refundable.

Accused skips their court dates

If the defendant breaks the bail bond agreement by missing court dates, the accused may reschedule the date immediately in person or through an attorney or may risk further action. If no attempt is made by the accused to contact the court, the bail bondsman has 6 months to apprehend the defendant to transfer to the courts. The bondsman may choose to hire a Fugitive Recovery Service, more commonly known as a bounty hunter, in order to find and secure the accused. If the defendant cannot be located within the 6 months, the bondsman is required to pay the full amount of bail to the courts. The accused will then owe the full amount of bail in addition to the 15% already arranged as well as any additional fees imposed. The bondsman may also collect any collateral that was held as security for the bond.

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