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Obligations of a Bail Bond co-signor

When you wish to help a friend or loved one to get out of jail, you should be aware of the obligations of a bail bond co-signor before making an agreement. You have certain rights and responsibilities regarding your part in securing a bond for someone else as a co-signor.

Detainees bail is set by the judge

When someone is arrested in Las Vegas, that individual is taken to one of three detention centers in the area. There will be a hearing where the judge will determine a bail amount that must be paid in order for the accused to be released. The entire amount of the bail can be paid. An alternative course of action is to hire a lawyer to try to get the bail amount lowered. If a detainee does not want to spend a lot of time waiting in the detention center, a bail bondsman can be hired for 15% of the set bail amount.

How does a Bail Bond in work?

Your friend or loved one may ask you to contact a bondsman for assistance. You will be required to pay 15% of the bail amount that was set by the court as a fee for service. You may also be required to put up some form of bail bond collateral that is sufficient to cover the full amount of bail. The bail bondsman will then arrange for the full bail with the jail to begin the release process for the detainee.

Obligations of a Bail Bond co-signor

If you make a bail agreement with a bondsman, your responsibility as a co-signor has just begun. You will need to make sure that the accused appears for all scheduled court dates and that the 15% fee is paid in full to the bondsman. You give power of attorney to the bondsman and run the risk of losing whatever property you put up as bail bond collateral.

Types of Collateral that can be used for the bail bond

You can use cash, money from bank accounts, or a credit card as collateral on the bond. Other items that are good for bail bond collateral include your home or other property, land, vehicles, gold and silver coins, jewelry, firearms, or any item of value that can be pawned.

If the Accused shows up for court dates:

As long as the accused shows up for all legal proceedings, you will only owe the 15% to the bondsman. Anything you put up as collateral will be released.

If the Accused skips their court dates

If the defendant flees, the bail bondsman has 6 months to located and return the accused to the detention center, or the bondsman will owe the court the full bail amount. This means that as a co-signor, you will be responsible for the full bail amount or lose the property you put up for collateral. If you are concerned that the accused will not return to court, you can call the bondsman to cancel the bond, give the whereabouts of the defendant, and have that individual arrested and returned to jail. This will release from your obligation from the bond agreement.

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