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What is the Cost of a Bail Bond?

A lot of people ask me this question, therefore I wrote this quick explanation to not only answer the question but to also clarify any misunderstandings.

The formula to determine the cost of a bail bond is very simple:  15% of whatever the bail amount is.  The bail amount is set by the jail or judge and as a bail agent I have to charge 15% of that bail amount to be compliant with the law.

What is the cost of a bail bond?

What is the cost of a bail bond?

Yes, you read this correctly!  NV Law (NRS 697.300) requires all bail agents to charge 15%!  Anybody that charges more or less then the 15% is acting illegally!!!

Obtaining a bail bond is a serious affair since an executed bail contract gives the bail agent almost exclusive power over the defendant and the cosigners.  So, the question arises that if a bail agent is willing to break the law on the state mandated 15% fee, what other illegal actions is he or she willing to do???

Will the agent revoce your bond and put you back in jail because you are:

  • Late on a payment?
  • Late on a check-in date?
  • Missed a court date by mistake?
  • Because the agent doesn’t like you?

Guess what – a crooked agent will do that!

To protect yourself, the defendant and your client read the reviews of the agent or company that you are thinking of doing business with.

Selecting a bail agent that is willing to break the law could be a very costly mistake that could not only cost you a fortune but also your freedom!

The bail fee could be expensive because of a large bail amount – but do not worry – I will work with you to make it affordable with LITTLE MONEY DOWN and EASY PAYMENTS.

Call me on my cell with any questions 702-580-3911.

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What is the cost of a Bail Bond?

What is the cost of a Bail Bond?

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