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Warrant Bail Bonds in Henderson

Warrant Bail Bonds in Henderson

Warrant Bail Bonds in Henderson

eBAIL Bail Bonds can assist those with active arrest warrant in Henderson to avoid an arrest with warrant bail bonds. When an arrest warrant has been issued against an individual, law enforcement officials are able to make an arrest whenever they see fit, no matter what the individual is doing at the moment. With an active arrest warrant, someone may be picked up and taken away in handcuffs even if they are at work or at home having a meal with the family. The only way to prevent an arrest in these cases is by obtaining warrant bail bonds from a qualified bond company like eBAIL Bail Bonds.

What are Warrant Bail Bonds?

Warrant bail bonds work a little differently than other types of bonds. These types of bonds are obtained before an individual is arrested in Henderson rather than after the fact. When an individual learns of an active arrest warrant in his or her name, the person may contact eBAIL Bail Bonds to secure the appropriate bond. After the bond has been obtained from an experienced Henderson bail bondsman, the individual will turn themselves in to the appropriate authorities for a walkthrough. This consists of going through the booking process at the jail, immediately after which the individual is released from jail on the bond. The individual will not have to wait in jail for the preliminary bail hearing or until the entire bail is paid or other arrangements have been made and will not have to go through the lengthy release process to be discharged from jail.

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Ways to get out of Jail while awaiting trial in Henderson

If an individual does not obtain warrant bail bonds prior to an arrest, they will remain in jail until after a preliminary hearing and the setting of a bail amount by the judge. After that, the individual can be discharged from a Henderson jail:

  • By paying the bail amount in full
  • By paying a percentage of 15% of bail to obtain warrant bail bonds
  • By hiring an attorney in an attempt to reduce bail

When the full amount of bail is paid, most of this amount can be recovered following the trial and after any expenses related to the charges and court expenses have been subtracted from the total. However, the bail amount can cost more than the individual can afford to pay all at one time. An attorney can meet with the judge at another hearing to try to persuade the judge to lessen the bail, but this is not always effective. Furthermore, the individual will wait in jail until after this additional hearing and will still need to pay the bail and the attorney. For these reasons, many people choose to purchase a bond for 15 percent of the set bail amount. Once bond arrangements are made, the release process can begin.

How long does the release process take to get out of a Henderson jail?

The defendant will go through the booking process, wait in jail for a preliminary hearing, wait until the bail or a bond has been paid, then go through the release process which may take 6 – 16 hours. This time frame may be increased if the arrest occurred on a holiday or over the weekend. In the alternative, eBAIL Bail Bonds can provide warrant bail bonds that can help an individual to only have to walk through the booking process and avoid the additional wait for a hearing and the release process.

Why elect eBAIL Bail Bonds for Bail Bonds in Henderson?

eBAIL Bail Bonds is fully licensed and accredited to provide the necessary Henderson Bail Bonds services that are required for every circumstance. Bondsman Marc Gabriel can work with the client through each step so that the entire process can move forward quickly and efficiently.

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